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Accommodation at Shree Maha Yoga

Learning of Yoga is an art that requires deep concentration and dedication. However, for the attainment of the topmost level of concentration and dedication, the perfect environment and accommodation facility is required. So, we at Shree Maha Yoga consider accommodation facilities as one of the important factors in gaining the supreme knowledge of Yoga. Keeping this in mind, we instituted our residential premises in the calm, natural, and divine atmosphere of Rishikesh. We believe that the benefits of Yoga accelerate in the spiritual environment. From the ancient era, Saints and Yogis choose the lap of nature to build their ashrams because of the fact that nature in its virgin form evolves a tremendous amount of positive energy. This energy is absorbed by the Yogis to soak in the knowledge of Yoga. Thus the need for a naturalistic environment to establish the yoga school and residential premises is always there.

Shree Maha Yoga follows the ancient yogic concepts and thus plans all the learning and other facilities accordingly. However, we cannot deny the modern amenities requirement too. So by balancing both the crucial aspects, we systemize our accommodation facilities as a perfect blend of traditional yoga ashrams equipped with modern amenities. Our residential premises reflect the essence of the Yoga shrams to extract the maximum out of the yoga and live the life of a traditional yogi for the period of yoga study. We believe in the establishment of a second home so that one cannot miss the essence of the home during their course time so that one can gain maximum out of their course.

Distinctive Features of our Accommodation Facilities

  • Neat and Clean accommodation rooms for yoga students
  • Spacious, well maintained, and clean Yoga halls in the lap of nature to increase the efficiency of yoga learning.
  • One can find basic amenities like restaurants, ATM, health care, books store, groceries, cyber cafes, etc. nearby our residential premises.
  • Rooms at Shree Maha Yoga can be selected on a sharing and private basis.
  • Healthy, satvic, and organic diet for energizing the body for the yogic workout.
  • Residential premises under 24 Hours CCTV surveillance.
  • Rooms are available with modern facilities such as hot water supply, free Wi-Fi, attached bathrooms, hot water supply, 24 hours electricity supply backup, laundry services, and filtered drinking water supply.

Food at Shree Maha Yoga

Get yourself energize with healthy and Sattvic diet

Food is the basis of energy required for our daily workout. The yogic workout needs a lot of dedication and effort, so the need for a yogic diet generates. Understanding this needfulness, Shree Maha Yoga makes all possible endeavors to give a delicious and healthy diet. The spices, vegetables, and other ingredients used at Shree Maha Yoga is of superior quality. Understanding the importance of a healthy diet, we are providing our guests with the best quality food. We systemize our weekly food menu in such a way that it will increase your excitement to the utmost extent. Our cooking staff served your freshly on-site prepared food only.

Why the Yogic Diet is so important?

During your Yoga Teacher Training Courses, one will experience a lot of workouts involving stretching, twisting, moving, and bending. So to gain a sufficient amount of energy they need for the food which renders energy is required. A yogic diet is full of healthy food which does not have negative effects on the body. For a person performing yoga all-day, a diet full of nourishment is needed. It also helps in healing and overhaul of the body. Apart from a healthy diet, one must give a delicious taste to the food.

Yogic Food Facilities at Shree Maha Yoga

Our fresh and onsite prepared food is served twice a day to our students. The food prepared by our cooking experts is with an authentic touch of Indian spices that enhance the taste of the food and make it palatable. Indian spices such as cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and turmeric are used in our food to make it healthier and tastier. All the fruits and vegetable used in our school are freshly prepared and is of high quality. Our yoga clients are from diverse backgrounds, so the change in water is one of the major causes of many diseases. To avoid this, our school and residential premises are equipped with filtered supply of water. We provide only vegetarian food as this is one of the key disciplinary clauses in the learning of yoga. Apart from fresh food, we provide lemon tea, Indian masala tea, and juices to overcome the problem of dehydration and make our students energize.