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Review by Fa Ying from Japan


"Best choice for yoga TTC"

I am beginner in Yoga i have first time join a yoga course. Actually I have booked the course so i could go for a trip just for fun It sounds funny right. Ha Ha Ha.but after learn the class one by one day I realized that Yoga is not only one type of exercise but it is more than its outer structure here we learnt many theories about yoga we had philosophy class Hatha Yoga class Asthanga class and many other activates Now I think I enough understand about yoga and want to do deep study yes I know it will take some time but I believed that if I follow the guidelines of yoga gurus I would be a good yoga trainer.

Review by Pooja from India


"Best Yoga Teacher training school in India I had found."

Hello I am Pooja from Kolkata I have booked my course for 100 hrs. Yoga TTC but when I came here I felt like I should reschedule my course so I convert it in One month Teacher Training Course. The accommodation was very goof and all the staff was very loving they were always be there to help us, because of them we never had face any difficulty. Now what should say about classes everything was awesome yes I will add this that I love the Hath Yoga and its alignment class here it was awesome while the other classes was also very good but I personally like this class to much I also got lot of new friends here who helped me in everything. I am very happy to find this Retreat.

Review by Prabhakar? from USA


"best decision I have ever made!"

This course was a course in which you can learn many aspects of yoga. In one month duration I have learnt the things one month duration is not a long duration but in this period of time i have learnt those things which i couldn't lernt ever in my life they taught me how to do yoga in smooth way when i saw them they always incurage me that i can do all the pose easly?The thing I love most was that the schedule was being followed to its fullest extent and the whole schedule was very carefully designed so that everyone can follow it with easily. I will say that if you want take a break from your busy schedule life and if you are not ? thank you for wonderful course

Review by Jeorge? from Franch


"The best way to become Yoga trainer at home"

It was a very different experience. I did an online course for the first time but everything was very good. The best thing that while it was online course but they provide us meditation session also it was a great thing I felt that. They had provide all the things in sequence All the things were very well managed. Yoga teachers were present at all times and we were given very good answers to all the queries. at the end of the course there was an exam it was a good thing we have asked them for give time for preparation so they had provide us enough time. Now I am a certified yoga Teacher I am very happy to have this pleasure. Thank You Shree Maha

Review by Greya from Italy


"Thank You to change my Life "

.?I want to come again and again here I really recommend this retreat to everyone. During the course I never feel like that I am not in home There all the staff and teachers treat us as like there family members. My favorite class was Meditation and Pranayama after this class I always feel so much positivity many of the times we went outside for yoga. Even in Sunday also when we went for outrides we always carry our yoga mats with us. The feeling of yoga with nature in high hills was awesome All the things was beautifully designed like opening ceremony and closing ceremony..

Review by Devin from Spain


"The best school to have 300 hrs. Online Yoga TTC"

I have 29 days 300 hrs. yoga teacher training course on 3rd February I was very confused whether all will be given in the online course properly or not, how would I join first course day, how would the class manage in their own time etc. but after doing this course, I am very satisfied now. Before one day there was a introduction session where all things was clarified. I every day waited for the class when it would start. While it was an online course but we make so many memories there in class even I also got friends there who were from different place but we were studding together.

Review by Ela from U.K


"Amazing Experience with Online Yoga Course "

Hi I am Ela. First I had booked the offline course but due to Covid 19 I had to postpone my plan i thought after some time i could join this course but the conditions had been getting worst. but I really wanted to do yoga course so I Have choose this online course offered by shree Maha Yoga I Have used to travel many time and had join many courses but they all were residential It was first time that I was going to join an Online course but It was a good experience with live online class the best thing was you can do and start yoga from anywhere you do not have need to be punctual to reach at a particular place. You can also see the class whenever you want to see was great experience Thank you

Review by Coinneach from Germany


"Unbelievable experience!!!!! "

I want to give it five stars. The thing that I liked the most was that everything was very relaxing, whether it is residence, food or yoga. All the teachers was very knowledgeable and very talented I have learnt many things from them. I must say it is a best place to Have Yoga Teacher Training. If you want a combination of yogic life with lots of fun you must choose this place. One thing made me sad that this time was over very quickly. I wish if I could spend more time here

Review by Brayden from London


"Best Yoga course in best price."

All the environment teachers and staff was very friendly.?I have had very good experiences here, this yoga school is something like, which I have always been looking for, I liked philosophy?s class very much. I thought that maybe it would be boring but no it was very funny. I did not know when the class was over. We have done a lot of activities here, thank you so much Shree Maha Yoga to make my trip awesome and memorable.

Review by Saadiq from Rishikesh


"Awesome Yoga retreat in valuable price"

I have enjoyed there very much all the yoga gurus and teachers were very cooperative and understanding. There were a lot of things here that kept us busy. We did not get bored for a single day. Every Sunday, all the people went out and enjoyed themselves. The rest of the day there were yoga classes, we were given a separate class for the posture alignment, so that we got all the things in right way I loved it so much that. Definitely I will recommend this YTTC in Rishikesh to everyone.

Review by Lucas Ward from U.K


"200 Hour Multi Style YTT"

wonderful experience!!!!!!! It couldn’t easy to explain all the wonderful experience in a small paragraph because it was long time and I have experienced many things here, I am happy with this Online Yoga Teacher Training course. I had no idea about online yoga classes, yes I have saw many time yoga videos but this experience was different from those it is like a live session. Everything was best in this Yoga course.

Review by Ethan from Japan


"300 Hour Multi Style YTT "

I have completed 300 Hrs. Multi style online yoga teacher training course at Shree Maha Yoga In February 2021 It was great experience and yes must say It was an exceptional course I am much satisfied from all the aspects of the course. We had spent a great time here during the classes. Even we had become a part of the family. I want to add one more thing that we forget sometime to mention, that is the team behind the screen they always had done a great work, they always connected with us we never get disappointed from them. The Philosophy teacher was mind-blowing there. We never had got bore in their class. Good work keep it up!!!!!

Review by Apolline gomez from Brazil


"100 Hour Multi Style YTT"

I am a beginner-level yoga student enroll in the 100 YTTC program of Shree Maha Yoga. Seriously, the learning and yoga practice I got from the school was awesome. The experienced and certified teachers of the school are very helpful and a source of immense knowledge. Their doubt clearing session and the way by which they impart the knowledge of yoga were excellent. Moreover, they focus on the practical implementation of the theoretical part of yoga that helps us to learn more about yoga. Once again Thank you for the mesmerizing yoga journey.

Review by Chloe Tuker from USA


"100 Hour Multi Style YTT"

I had started my journey with a 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course by Shree Maha Yoga. The concepts and yogic skills I gained from the school help me in teaching students with ease and perfection. Their outstanding teaching ability with inartificial nature magnetizes me. Hoping to come again for sharpening my skill with your school. See you soon....